Clear Plastic Packaging Ideas by Industry

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Clearpak Inc. provides transparent plastic packaging solutions for a wide range of industries that require a protective outer enclosure or a retail merchandising solution with impact. Packaging ideas are clear to us.

Clearpak Inc. serves customers in the following markets:

  • Candle Packaging

    Clearpak incorporates unique selling features in their transparent packaging designs, like holes to allow fragrances through when scent is as important as an attractive product. Packaging sells.
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  • Food and Confectionery Packaging

    The packaging of food and confections is crucial when consumers are making decisions to buy. Visual merchandising with clear packaging demonstrates the product without question.
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  • Health and Beauty Packaging Ideas

    Clear packaging for your health and beauty products will easily show your customers the 'beauty' of your products and help sell on a crowded shelf.
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  • Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceutical Packaging

    Safety and security in packaging is paramount in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging. Clearpak's transparent designs ensure your product is protected.
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  • Stationery

    Clearpak can help you design a breathtaking package with a 360 degree view of your stationery products.
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  • Toys, Textiles and Sporting Goods

    Packaging of toys, textiles and sporting goods needs to make a statement in today's competitive marketplace. Our transparent packaging solutions will be the Clear Difference.
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  • Packaging for Wine and Spirits

    In today's marketplace, your wine and spirits packaging must make a statement on the shelf to be chosen over the hundreds of other products vying for your customer's purchase. Making that statement is easy with visual packaging from Clearpak.
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