Clear Packaging Frequently Asked Questions

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At Clearpak, we believe in educating our customers to allow for informed decision making in their clear plastic packaging and display decisions and requirements. 

Is there a PVC ban? 

No, there is no PVC ban. This is misinformation. PVC has great characteristics that complement the Clearpak product line. It features an excellent printable surface, high impact strength, great optics and is scratch resistant. We can use it to make folding cartons, thermoforms or vacuum forms. PVC is safe to use with food. PVC is 57% Sodium Chloride (table salt) and 43% carbon.

How do our costs and quality compare to the cost and quality of shipping product in from overseas?

Shipping product from overseas can be risky and sometimes the quality of the material and product are questionable. Purchasing your products from Clearpak completely removes the worry from obtaining the best quality packaging materials for your product. If you do a direct comparison between the landed costs of your product from overseas and ordering your product from us at Clearpak, our costs are similar – if not better.

We guarantee that all our products are made with top quality North American-made material. We use the best adhesive on the market that will outlast even a potential tear in the plastic. At Clearpak we are very proud to be Canadian manufacturers who operate under our ISO 9001:2008 certification with high standards of professional integrity. Clearpak takes great care in remaining diligent in our internal processes which supply you with the best Canadian-made plastic packaging products. We stand behind our product line 100%.

What is the general lead time for this type of product?

For plain cartons with no print at the lowest price, our lead time is 4-6 weeks from the date of the purchase order (PO). For a printed item, our lead-time is 5-7 weeks from the date of the PO. We also have extensive material inventory for quick turnaround. This may incur a slightly higher cost if the stock material is larger than optimum.

What is Thermoforming and Vacuum forming?

The terms thermoforming and vacuum forming are interchangeable. They both refer to a process of heating a plastic sheet until it starts to droop. Once this happens, the flowing sheet is then vacuumed down over a female or male mold to create the desired shape.

What is Flocked Styrene?

Flocked Styrene is a styrene with a velour finish. It is used in jewelry boxes and provides an upscale look and luxurious feel. Flocked Styrene is a product we can thermoform to any shape.

What is nesting?

Nesting is the art of laying out a die or cutting pattern in the most efficient way in order to minimize the raw material waste. This keeps your costs for material as low as possible.

Clearpak’s dedicated customer care team is standing by to find out how we can create the best quality packaging solution that puts your product in the spotlight.

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