Toys, Textiles and Sporting Goods

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Packaging of toys, textiles and sporting goods needs to make a statement in today's competitive marketplace. Our transparent packaging solutions will be the Clear Difference.

When it comes to toys, textiles and sporting goods, the marketplace is extremely competitive. Consumers can be easily overwhelmed by the choices available. By designing your retail packaging with a clear view to your product, you will stand out on the shelf over your competitors. 

Transparent packaging solutions allow you to be creative in showcasing your product in a manner the consumer will be drawn to it on the shelf or rack. Our clear plastic materials offer visibility, flexibility in design, light weight for shipping and security for your products as well. By designing your packaging to show your product in the best possible way and adding printed graphics or inserts your toy, clothing and apparel or sporting goods will sell themselves. 

Combine our clear plastic folding cartons and boxes with thermoform or vacuum form inserts, cut-outs, handles, hangers, and printing for a packaging solution unique to you and your product.  

Reach out to Clearpak’s packaging design team to find out how we can help make your product stand out with attractive consumer-focussed packaging.

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toy-transparent-package-yoyo-design-printed-card transparent sporting good packaging with printed paperboard card

transparent multi-sku folding carton for toys and games 

light weight transparent packaging design for clothing and apparel 

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