Thermoform Vacuum Form and Blister Packs

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Thermoform packaging can take the shape of clamshells, blisters or formed inserts, each having its own application and function custom designed for your product.

The terms thermoforming and vacuum forming are interchangeable. Both terms describe the process of heating up a plastic substrate and using a vacuum to pull the material over or into a mold. Prototype molds are made out of Epoxy or a material called Ren board.

Once the basic shape and style has been approved Clearpak will move from the prototype mold to a more energy-efficient aluminum mold. The aluminum mold will produce these forms for you and your company for years to come.

When thermoforming we use sheets made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) or PS (Polystyrene).

ClearPak Inc. produces custom boxes, containers and designs using a thermoform process to heat plastic materials, creating innovative packaging options such as:

Clamshells, Blisters and Inserts:

Thermoforms can take the shape of clamshells, blisters or formed inserts each having its own application and function.

Clamshells allow you to immediately show off your product and inform your consumer about product benefits and features. A clamshell will hold your product tightly in place and protect it during shipping or on the retail shelf. They can also provide enhanced security for smaller hi-tech products that would otherwise be vulnerable to theft.

Blister Packs are plastic bubbles or forms which are custom made by Clearpak to fit your product specifications. These bubbles or forms are mated with a paperboard backer card. Blister packs are made with hang holes for easy display options. They are an exceptional way to exhibit your product and simultaneously provide valuable product information to your customer.

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clear plastic printed sleeve with thermoform insert transparent plastic vacuum form tray for packaging

clear printed sleeve with thermoform insert thermoform tray clear plastic packaging


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