Printed Packaging Inserts

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Package inserts are an effective way to create a unique look and design to your retail products and displays that will stand out on the shelf.

Since 1993, Clearpak has been providing marketers and businesses with innovative packaging solutions to help them differentiate their brands in the competitive retail environment. Using a combination of transparent plastic and paper packaging, Clearpak can create a creative packaging solution that captures consumer attention.

Package inserts provide a high resolution format for communicating key information about your brand. Inserts are an effective way to create a unique look and design that will stand out on the shelf. Starting with a see-through plastic box, adding the insert allows for required product information, branding and provides an eye-popping shelf display. 

We custom design and manage the integration of two different packaging materials to create a one-stop-shop solution in visual merchandising. 

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printed paper insert in clear retail box with hanger paper board back insert with transparent plastic box front package

clear box with paper branded insert and window paper board insert in transparent combo pack package

transparent box with paper insert branded window liquor display package thermoform printed insert combo pack

clear tube packaging with paper insert branded cover design printed insert in textile clear plastic

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