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Samples Clearpak shelf talkers, flags, price cards

Capture Attention with Clearpak's Long-lasting Plastic Shelf Flags, Shelf Talkers and Price Cards

Shelf flags and price cards are the most crucial and final communication tool for powerful brands and retailers. Shelf talkers and shelf markers also take up valuable real estate on the shelf edge in a bid to win over consumers. 

Custom bow-shaped shelf flag, plasticCustom Designs:
Our Specialty

Clearpak specializes in designing inviting custom shelf talkers/flags to magnetize consumer gaze and cause them to engage with a new product, sale or featured item. We use high-speed heat bending to create your expertly-designed flags/talkers, price cards, and shelf markers for strategic brand placement on the shelf. 

We know how to make your design and marketing team's ideas jump off the shelf, into consumers' hands in a retail or on-line environment. 

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Our transparent packaging and displays are trusted by our clients to stand out on the shelf, be of quality material and competitively priced.

Shelf flags

Our customers choose Clearpak for:

  • High Quality Transparent Packaging
  • Creative Packaging Designs
  • Engineering and Design Expertise
  • Competitive Prices

The Difference is Clear.

Clearpak is ISO 9001 Certified and a PAC memberOur Design Team

Our experienced design and production team delivers retail packaging solutions and ideas, using high quality materials and equipment to create a superior finished clear packaging product on time and on budget. We coordinate your project and work with your design and marketing team from initial concept & design, to the finished product.  We are committed to upgrading our equipment and facilities to meet the demands of an ever-changing packaging industry.

About Clearpak Inc. 

With over 25 years in designing and manufacturing clear packaging folding cartons, boxes, tubes and displays, Clearpak is trusted throughout North America by name brands such as Bic, Unilever, Motts, Canada Dry and Clinique to name a few.  We have garnered in-depth knowledge of the industry and the intersection between your innovative product and consumer eye-tracking fixation on your product, resulting in increased sales.

Clear packaging sells.